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What we do

What we do

What happens at Safe Haven?

Safe Haven is more than the name of our organization, it also refers to a feeling of safety and security we would like to attribute to the shelter. Members of the Safe Haven family are engulfed in quality protection and peace of mind. The Safe Haven shelter is a safe space for abused women and their children to seek help and heal, away from the looming threat of violence. We are dedicated to respecting all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, citizenship status, or sexual orientation. When a woman walks through the threshold of the Safe Haven home, she is welcome to finally rest her head with the dignity and respect she deserves.

The hotline, shelter and Safe Chat are available any time, day or night, for persons needing care, information about domestic abuse, a secure place to stay, or just someone confidential to talk to. We accept women and their underage children, but also those who are not ready to reside at the shelter. Shelter services are not currently available to men, but the external services provided by the foundation are available to both men and women in need of support.

Once reported to the police, any woman over the age of 18 seeking shelter from domestic or intimate partner violence is ushered to the private location of the Safe Haven home, a safe place with all female mentors to guide them through their journey. Intake includes written evaluations to assess the degree of abuse suffered; the mental health of the new resident; and the level of risk involved in seeking assistance (this is to alert the foundation if there is need for additional security measures).

Upon conclusion of the assessments the new resident is guided in the creation of a care plan outlining personal objectives toward a self-sustaining return to society. Much of this happens over a 90-day period, and may include seeking and acquiring employment, social security, housing and more. Safe Haven Foundation has strong ties with other organizations, social services and within the judicial system throughout the community. Since not everyone will have references to enter the workforce, we also provide assistance with composing resumes, completing of forms, and letters to official institutions. This is done for residents and non-residents alike.

What happens when it is time to leave?

Survivors who are ready to transition into society can continue to benefit from the support they received while at the shelter. Safe Haven does not offer financial assistance, but assists ladies through donations in kind in the form of household items and clothing.