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What is a Safety Plan?

What is a Safety Plan?

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If you or someone around you might be in danger, and needing to escape an abusive domestic situation, it may not always be as simple as walking out on everything. The moment when someone is ready to leave is the riskiest, because the abuser realizes that he/she has lost control and may become volatile and even murderous in rage.

Many women risk much harsher results, like death, when they are at the point of leaving. Please ensure that if you are using this website as a guide for your own safety plan, that you understand the risk. Anyone looking to leave a toxic environment should know that it is not a safe undertaking to do alone. Please include family & friends and reach out to the shelter before you create your plan for escape.

A Safety Plan allows someone experiencing domestic violence to plan the steps of escape. Planning is crucial as it helps to minimize the risk of fatal danger when escaping harmful environments. Having safety measures in place is of the utmost importance  if you or the person you are trying to help is still with the abuser.

Please download the Safety Plan document as it contains some ways to ease your transition.